Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Game is Played

Other people also like to play two truths and a lie. Here is a blog post that engages...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Onion

My horoscope is spot on...

Pisces: (Feb. 19—March 20)
You used to compare yourself to Icarus, but you're less likely to do so now that you know he once helped a woman cheat on her husband by having sex with a cow.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Restaurant Woes

This past week, I went out to eat a few different times and experienced a couple interesting things.

1. I went to a place called Lovers Pizza, which was obviously a happening place on Friday. There were so many people that the only table was the worst in the place. It was over by itself near the restrooms. I'm never entirely aware why restaurants do this stupid thing. They put a table in a location that is bound to make the customer upset and is out of the way for the waitor. All of this just ends up with upset patrons and employees. Well, at some point during the meal, we are alarmed by the sound of a door banging and being pulled. We look over and see that one of the restrooms is being attacked from within. After a few minutes, the waitress goes over and unlocks the door. I guess that it locks from the outside. The girl was in tears as she accidentally locked herself into the restroom. The waitress asked her if she would like a glass of water...

2. I went to Chipotle after my bar review class. The inside of the restaurant was far too crowded, so my friend and I decided to go outside to eat. There wasn't a cloud in the sky but it suddenly began to rain on us. Very disconcerting but temporary.

3. This story deals with how weird waiters can be. We sat down to eat in the middle of the lunch hour crowd. The waitress trots over and introduces herself and sits down. She says that it's been a rough day and it helps to take a load off every now and then. I wasn't really aware that they could take a load off at the table where patrons are eating. I'm not sure why she didn't go ahead and help herself to some chips and salsa while she was at it.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Truth Serum

One of the true stories from this past week was spending the 90 some dollars on antibiotics. I've been using them for four days, and I've finally started to feel a little bit better. I guess that makes it worth spending that much money on them. For whatever reason, my student insurance card didn't cover prescription medication. Ugh.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Spendthrift

Ok, since this is posted so late in the week (I try to have the Truth Serum in the middle of the week), I will wait until Thursday or Friday to reveal one of the truths.

This post will not be the typical stories but will be three things that I might have purchased this week. The point is to show how I waste money on stupid things.

1. I spend 90 some dollars on antibiotics, because I didn't wait until the morning to go to the campus pharmacy where it would have been nearly free. Also, if I hadn't waited a week to go and see a doctor, I'm sure that I wouldn't have got a sinus infection.

2. I paid 3 dollars for a bunch of stupid plastic Coca-Cola Dixie cups. There is no reason for me to need these cups. I mean, I like Coca-Cola products, but I certainly didn't need these. What is more, it wasn't even an impulse purchase. I saw them when I was getting my prescriptions, but I passed them up. Today I went back to the CVS place and purchased.

3. Every morning, I buy myself a bottle of Diet Coke at the place where I hear my bar review lectures. The vending machine charges a mere three dollars for a bottle of soda. I could easily buy a pack of six bottles to carry with me to class, but I'm too irrational for that. I could have bought those instead of buying the stupid Coca-Cola cups.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Clearing up

I've changed the name of my midweek reveal post from Lie Detector to Truth Serum. I think that calling it lie detector was confusing to everyone but me. Of course, I'm just often confused, so I don't think I'm as good of a judge.

Just to confirm: every long post has 2 true stories and 1 story which is nothing but a work of fiction.

Then I will reveal one of the true stories which means you should be able to figure out which is the remaining truth pretty easily.

Thanks for participating!

Truth Serum

Per usual, last weekend I posted three stories of which two are true and one is false. To help you narrow it down I reveal one of the stories that is true.

This week, I'll reveal that the third story about the Rangers game was true. It actually turned out to be a really fun game. Last year, I would always load up on the alcohol both before the game and during. This year I've only been drinking one beer when I'm at the game and none before. I guess it's one of the sadder parts of growing up when you start to experience the negative effects of drinking a lot harder. Recovery is much longer than it used to be.

I did have the nachos, a beer, and an ice cream sundae when I was at the game, so I guess I can't claim to being too healthy. I had a lot of fun though. We went with a group of about 10 friends who are all in the bar review course together. Since we had a long weekend, it was fun to get that time to relax together.

Hopefully there will be another opportunity to watch the Rangers this summer.