Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Introductions and what the hell is this?

I'm Curtis and I'm a 20-something living in Dallas, Texas.

This blog is created as a project that mixes a bit of sociology with creative writing. Before creating this blog I was conversing with a friend about voices on blogs and personalities that people create for their blogs. I pointed out that most people probably exaggerate some things, or puff themselves a little when they write about their life. Some people probably go as far as creating completely different personalities.

I have another blog that deals more with my creative writing and law pursuits. It occassionally tells stories from my life but not always in a direct way. I wanted to create a blog that would show more of who I am on a day to day level. The good times, the bad, the moments of joy, and the moments of embarrasing rejection. But that isn't fun enough for me. There has to be a challenge for both you and me involved. I figured, why not make a blog where the majority of the posts are true, while a few are partial or complete fiction. This got me to think of the ice breaker two truths and a lie.

This is a game where you tell people two things that are true about you and one thing that is a lie. Then the group has to decide which one they believe is the lie. Taking that idea I have created a blog where you the reader will have to try to decide if a posting is something that really is happening in my life or is a lie. You can comment about whether you believe it is bullshit or not. Hopefully you'll enjoy trying to figure out which part of the story I tell is false and which parts are false.

As a playwright this is a little exciting to me because everyone who reads is liable to walk away with a different impression of me. To believe certain postings are true while others are false. This means that a little of my anonymity will be protected while I'll still be sharing a lot of my life with people who care to know more.

The only rules that I have for this is that 1/3 of the postings will be false. I won't follow any order and it might be five or six posts before there are a couple that are false. I'll try my hardest to make it difficult for you to know what is true and what is false, while keeping it enjoyable! And I will also update the blog once a day to tell a story from what might have happened during my day.

Leave comments telling whether you think the story is the truth or a lie. Enjoy!


10/03/04 UPDATE: To encourage the interactive part of this blog each week there will be a Sunday reveal. Each week I will look at the past week's posts to see which had the most unique commentors. In case of a tie I will reveal the one out of those with the most comments or former post whichever breaks the tie. The post that qualifies will be revealed as truth or fiction. If it's fiction then I'll explain what really happened and how I came up with the fictional account.