Thursday, September 22, 2005

Weekly Truth Serum

On special request by Ashley, I will reveal which one of these is false this week. There isn't really anything all that embarrassing from this week of stories, so I don't mind letting you know the two that are true.

The false story was about going out and drinking too much and then not waking up in time for work. The truth is that despite my joy in drinking beer, it does not affect the time I must wake up in the morning. And it is a truly loathsome time. I have to wake up every morning at six AM to get to work.

Terrible times for me...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Taking it All On

This week was a pretty crazy week at work (of course, one of these stories is a lie):

1. One of the attorneys went on paternity leave. He left me with a really difficult brief that has to go to a court that has already ruled against a similar case. Our argument is supposed to be that there is a split in the circuits and the other circuits have got it right. This one is going to go over really well. It makes it even more difficult to write because he wasn't there.

2. One day after work I went out with one of my friends to get some dinner. Then we went to a restaurant that serves dollar pints. After a handful of those, I was feeling pretty good about things and ended up staying somewhere else for the night. That left me waking up almost late for work. I don't think many people noticed when I came in about 30 minutes late.

3. Working to fast on a case left me and the attorney in an awkward position. We didn't notice that the client had claimed something that didn't technically happen. We had to do a rush memo on something else that was a lot more involved and has a higher chance of being rejected by the courts. Fortunately, we did notice it before the head attorney went to argue something that didn't actually happen.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Truth Serum

Ok, since it's been a couple weeks since I've posted a truth serum, I will post two.

The first will be for the NYC posting about my recent trip to NYC:

The first story in it is actually true. My mom was quite the klutz that day and spilled her fresh iced tea over the feet of a couple friendly French men. They sort of laughed and tried to scoot away from the puddle that formed on the floor. Then there was the issue of my mom going back to the pizza place and asking for more tea. They filled it back up but it had a little leak in it. In the Amtrak there was a small puddle forming on my mom's tray, so she ended up having to dump the tea down a drain.

The second truth serum is for the posting about the bar examination:

The second story is actually the truth. There was a girl (I can't recall her name right now) who is going to be clerking for an appelate court judge this year. Anyhow, she wasn't all that pleased about some guy sitting to her right who was checking her out before the bar exam. Note: I'm not the guy who was sitting to her right.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

NYC Trip

Ok, here are three stories from my trip to NYC. Like always, two of these will be true and one will be false.

1. While waiting for the Amtrack from DC to NYC my mom decided to get an iced tea. As we were standing in line for the Amtrack she decided that she would fumble around with things in her purse. She decided that she needed to set the drink down so she placed it on her bag. The bag was sitting upright so it was sort of resting on it's wheels. Of course, the iced tea dropped and fell all over the feet of some family that was next to me. Perhaps someone will be happy that it was a few friendly french people.

2. While I was eating dinner at a Mexican food restaurant in the Hell's Kitchen area around 9th Street, I ran into a celebrity spotting. It was the ever funny Mo Rocca who was came in to eat with a friend. He seemed to be very talkative, but I couldn't hear what he was saying very well. I did notice that he said something about Andy Williams and some song by Williams that he really needed to find.

3. I was in the Harlem area one afternoon and saw a theater friend of mine who graduated a couple years ago. He was sitting at a cafe drinking some coffee with a couple of friends. He was happy to see me again and I was thirsty so I sat down with them. As it turns out, he's dating a girl who is in the ensemble of Mamma Mia. This girl happens to be roommates with one of the stars in the current Wicked. So I got to have coffee with a couple Broadway actors and my friend who's in an off-off Broadway production.

Friday, July 29, 2005

The Bar Exam

This week I took the Texas Bar Exam, which gave me a good deal of things that I can sort of muse on for a few months. However, it also gave me a few stories that I can tell about the exam and all.

1. The Hotel. Because the exam was not in my city (it was in Arlington), I went out to a hotel in Arlington. Even though it was about a mile from Six Flags (and across a major highway from it) I was able to watch all the rides from my room. Specifically, I would sit there and watch the Batman and Mr. Freeze ride for hours at a time. The most interesting thing was that when I went outside, I could actually hear people at Six Flags.

2. At the exam there was a girl who is friends with the girl from the bar review class that I liked. After the first day, I saw her in my hotel walking down the hallway with her friend. She said to her friend, "if that guy who sits to my right stares at me again, he will not finish the bar exam.

3. I didn't actually finish all of the questions for the essay portion of the exam. There was one question in the morning that I only had time to write out a rough outline for. I'm not sure if that will completely hurt my chances, but I know it's not a good thing overall.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Dealing with Mute

Everything will return to normalcy after I finish the bar exam, which will be Thursday evening. Just give me a couple days to recover!


Monday, July 04, 2005

The Homeless Runins

This week I was confronted with a couple homeless people. There are only two stories at are actually true...

1. Riding on the train, around 10 in the evening on a weeknight, there was an interesting situation. A guy who was walking around to ask for money (he said he had AIDs and needed medication) walked by me without asking for money. I guess, that in some ways, having your mp3 player is a good way of diverting some panhandlers. After he passed me, he started to ask an elderly lady if she had any money to give him. She declined to give any money and was treated with this loud "BOOM" noise. The homeless guy freaked everyone out by doing this thing, but, I think most of all it was her who was freaked out. She quickly got off at the next exit (I don't think it was where she planned on getting off) and was visibly shaken up about the encounter.

2. Walkiing around in the West End area last night my friend, Biggity, and I were encountered with a homeless guy. He first asked us if we had any cigarettes. Neither of us smoke, so we said no. We went over towards the Chipotle to see if it was open, it was not, and walked around further. It wasn't long before we ran into him again a few blocks elsewhere. Right before he approached us, we noticed that he was given money by a young female. Then he came over to us and told us that he needed money (by the way, he had a cigarette now too) for the train because he lost his ticket. We didn't give him any money.

3. I pulled into the gas station to fill up my truck after waiting far to long to do this. It was around midnight and the station wasn't lit very well. Anyhow, it wasn't long before a guy walked over and told me that he just needed sixty cents to get himself a drink inside. I said that I didn't have any change but he begged. I went over to my change consol and gave him 75c. Then he left and I went back to my gas pumping. His friend soon came over and asked if I could give him some money. I told him no because he also told me that he knew my brother from Garland. I was like, bullshit, my brother doesn't live in Garland. In fact, my brother doesn't even live in Texas. He asked where I was from and I said Kansas. Then he asked what they call me up there -- huh? Anyhow, I guess that they call him Genuwine.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Game is Played

Other people also like to play two truths and a lie. Here is a blog post that engages...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Onion

My horoscope is spot on...

Pisces: (Feb. 19—March 20)
You used to compare yourself to Icarus, but you're less likely to do so now that you know he once helped a woman cheat on her husband by having sex with a cow.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Restaurant Woes

This past week, I went out to eat a few different times and experienced a couple interesting things.

1. I went to a place called Lovers Pizza, which was obviously a happening place on Friday. There were so many people that the only table was the worst in the place. It was over by itself near the restrooms. I'm never entirely aware why restaurants do this stupid thing. They put a table in a location that is bound to make the customer upset and is out of the way for the waitor. All of this just ends up with upset patrons and employees. Well, at some point during the meal, we are alarmed by the sound of a door banging and being pulled. We look over and see that one of the restrooms is being attacked from within. After a few minutes, the waitress goes over and unlocks the door. I guess that it locks from the outside. The girl was in tears as she accidentally locked herself into the restroom. The waitress asked her if she would like a glass of water...

2. I went to Chipotle after my bar review class. The inside of the restaurant was far too crowded, so my friend and I decided to go outside to eat. There wasn't a cloud in the sky but it suddenly began to rain on us. Very disconcerting but temporary.

3. This story deals with how weird waiters can be. We sat down to eat in the middle of the lunch hour crowd. The waitress trots over and introduces herself and sits down. She says that it's been a rough day and it helps to take a load off every now and then. I wasn't really aware that they could take a load off at the table where patrons are eating. I'm not sure why she didn't go ahead and help herself to some chips and salsa while she was at it.