Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Cat Lady Below

I've moved, unpacked, hung decorations, and started the process of settling into my new apartment. In the few days that I've lived here, I've noticed no noise. I'm very happy that Fogerty didn't follow me to the new apartment, but I must be honest and admit that I was worried I would miss him.

Where else can you find a neighbor who is in his 50s, has thinning hippy hair, occasionally screams for no reason, smokes enough that it seaps into your upstairs apartment, and brings you downloaded music on a weekly basis? That's the sort of character everyone wants in their apartment community to make things more interestings. I knew I would sort of miss that...

I think that there is someone just as interesting two floors below me: The Cat Lady. I noticed when I was moving in that there were a couple bowls outside the door of an apartment, which I am fine with. Then I was hanging out on my balcony and looked below to see a cat looking up at me and another cat jumping off the balcony into the tree. Fine...Then I look around and see a couple cats in the creek, the other cat still staring at me, and the cat lady trying to herd these wild things.

A couple days later, I think that I've finally got a decent count on the number of cats. It's in the neighborhood of six cats. There might be more, but I can't tell which ones belong to her. However, I do know that she yells from the balcony at them a lot, there is a cat door that lets them come freely from the balcony to the apartment, there is a cat bowl across the creek in the pool area for when they are hungry from swimming in the creek or pool, and that she yells out "Kitties, I'm outta here!" whenever she leaves the apartment.

Does it beat Fogerty? I'm not sure, but I find it a little entertaining.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Signing the Contract

I'm in the middle of a handful of things right now, so I wasn't excited when one of the events fell through. Right now I'm packing boxes, because I'm moving in the morning. The movers are coming to load my stuff and deliver it to my new apartment. It's in an area of town that I like more despite a longer commute to work. I'm not excited about the commute (and I'm a little worried about the size of the apartment), but I am really looking forward to the area.

They told me that I could come in this evening to sign the lease and pick up the keys. Well, I did as they suggested and they realized that the maintenance guy forgot to make my keys. This is good and bad. It's good because they changed out the locks on the apartment, so the old person can't have a spare key hidden somewhere and come back. It's still a sort of upsetting start to things because it shows they are forgetful (I guess this is just a little thing since my official move in is tomorrow), but I wanted to move things in. I had a few bags of things that I wanted to move in.

This is all made stressful because I'm also studying for finals. Actually, the moving part is fun. I'm one of those people who actually enjoys moving my stuff to new places. I don't own a whole lot of things, so I don't have any real issues with moving. It's just fun for me! The finals next week are not fun.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

What Do I Say?

Your Linguistic Profile:

85% General American English

5% Dixie

5% Midwestern

5% Yankee

0% Upper Midwestern

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

I decided to take this test. I'm from Kansas, so I'm surprised that I didn't have more of the midwestern thing going on, but I guess I narrowly escaped it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Take Me Down to the Paradise City

This evening I went with a group of people to see the Texas Rangers take on the Anaheim Angels at the Ballpark. It wasn't a good idea, because I had an evening class which I have now missed twice in a row. Luckily, I heard that the professor didn't notice or care or both.

It was well worth going to the game because they won and there were a lot of interesting people around our group. Next to us was a friendly Asian couple who had a little baby boy. The boy was well-behaved and all, but the father was sort of out of control. He had this big bag of fish/chicken type food that was odd looking. It also smelled bad.

Then in front of us were four teenagers who seemed like decent people. The older brother wasn't a teen but he would buy his brother and his brother's friend beer, which was really cool. The two girls appeared to possibly be dating the two teen guys. The girls were actually cool seeming and they started the wave. They were just bubbly and young. The guys seemed like they were on the road to becoming the sort of dork who thinks he's a real stud. One of the guys had a pair of wrangler jeans with holes in the thigh area that seemed intentional. The other guy had cheesy earrings in his ears. Both of the guys were wearing trucker hats that could very well have been handed down from the older brother.

It was a lot of fun to people watch and watch the baseball.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

One Week and One Fight

There are some people who I cannot stand. It is a very small number of people, because I'm generally known as a very easy going and laid back person. It takes a lot to really make me dislike you. In law school I can think of only one person who has really made me loathe him. There are numerous people who I would refuse to go and grab a drink with, but I still think they are alright.

This one person shall be called The Racist, Sexist, chauvinistic, overly simplistic moron P.S. For short I will just refer to him as TRSCOSMPS or maybe just Bastard.

The Bastard somehow convinced a lot of the 1L law students that he was a good person last year. They voted him as the Student Bar Association President, which is the current source of his bloated ego. It is the only think that drives him to believe he is well liked and respected by others. This is the opposite of the truth.

My friend, Crimlaw, and I were teaching our 1L students about how to do oral arguments in our final class with them before they competed today. The girl in the group mentioned that she was going to be late for a meeting with the SBA and was worried that the Bastard would yell at her. I told her that I would talk to the Bastard and let him know it was our fault.

Skip ahead an hour and you have Crimlaw and me in the parking lot of the school. The Bastard pulls into the parking garage and gets out of his car. I tell him that the girl was late because I was teaching her about moot court and that he shouldn't give her shit. All of a sudden he starts in on me about how he doesn't care about what I'm saying. He says that he isn't planning on giving her shit and there are bigger concerns for him.

The Bastard was thinking about continuing but I had to stop him. Remember, I can't stand this guy, so I'm certainly not going to allow him to insult me with his disinterest. I tell the Bastard that it's time for him to think about all the times he bored me to death with his obnoxious stories about the SBA. I never gave a shit about any of that so I don't give a fuck whether he is happy to hear about this girl or not, he's going to listen.

The Bastard's eyes got large as he realized he pissed me off. Of course, he starts a nervous laugh and claims he was just kidding with me. I tell him to fuck off and leave.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Royal Rumble

Normally I am a very calm and collected driver. I don't honk very often because I think that horns are annoying. I glare at people when they honk at others for no real reason: such as wanting them to turn quicker. That's usually my favorite part of driving, when I can glare.

Today was different as I had to honk like crazy at this guy. I was driving down Greenville to go towards my apartment. There is a little turn lane that turns into a store front area that I use to cut through to a back entrance into my apartment. I went into the turn lane and turned on my signal. There was a lot of oncoming traffic so I had to wait for the cars to pass. Just as I saw an opening a person from the store parking lot pulled out in front of me. He couldn't even get into past the center of the road because too many cars were coming from my direction.

Needless to say, I started to honk because he screwed up my opportunity to turn.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Something Tells Me It Was Love

Saturday evening I went out to see an art gallery walk because my bestfriend had a few pieces up in one of the dance studios. It was fun, and I was able to give him a ride back to where he lives. He hadn't had dinner so we decided to stop at a mexican food restaurant along the way. All was good and fine until we heard some cackling off to the side. It was a really drunk girl who couldn't have been much older than me. That's about 25 years old. Well, she was being clung to by some guy who might have been grasping for his life. He seemed a little drunk too, but he wasn't drunk enough to forgo doing the following:
  • Grabbing ass multiple times;
  • Sliding his hand in places it shouldn't slide;
  • Grasping her like she was a life raft;
  • Telling her (very loudly) that her daddy is younger than he;
  • Snapping his fingers to get the attention of the bartender;
  • Kissing her neck;
  • Giving her multiple massages;
  • Telling her that her kisses could use more tongue (again, loudly);
  • Whispering a lot of sweet nothings followed by cackling.
Oh, and I'm sure somewhere in the middle of the display he mentioned something about needing to get his retirement paperwork completed as he couldn't have been a day under 65.

I'm not sure why I find this so objectionable when I loved Lost in Translation. Perhaps it is because either the characters in LIT were not so obnoxious or it was fiction. This was sort of foul though.