Saturday, October 02, 2004

Cast of Characters

In order of appearance:

Me: I'm a 20-something guy in Dallas, TX. Currently I'm a law student in my final year.

Biggity: My best friend here in Dallas. We've been friends since sophomore year of high school. He is another 20-something who works at a camera store and is wanting to make it as an artist. Biggity comes from a website he made where he called himself Biggity. He's actually small and sort of wimpy.

Shygirl: A girl in the law school who I started to crush on over a half a year before I asked her to coffee. I call her Shygirl because despite being on the law review, securing a biglaw job, and just being an all-around intelligent girl, she can't answer questions in law classes. She gets too nervous to answer and just sits there in fear.

HarryKerry: This is a girl that I met at Best Buy. I promised her that I'd send her an email telling her where she can buy a Republican's For Voldemort T-shirt. She was wearing a Harry Potter t-shirt and had a little John Kerry button on the strap of her purse. It was a nice combination.

Dominos: This is a girl who I went on a few dates with. While the relationship hasn't officially ended it has become boring for me. She likes to call me late at night or when she's at a bar (sometimes those two coincide). She's Dominos because she was late to the third of our dates. Late by about 30 minutes which is what I expect from Dominos delivery.

CSI-Runner: Last Spring I was running around White Rock Lake (the entire 9ish miles) and found a girl running a little ahead of me towards the final two miles of the run. I caught up with her when she was walking and started to talk to her. We ran together until I made my entire lap around the lake. Not wanting to end things so soon, I memorized her email address and then sent her an email a few days later. We went on a date soon afterwards but haven't talked lately.

Frat Boy and the Short Skirts: Performance artist extrordinaires. At On the Border a frat guy was lucky enough to hang out with a table full of girls despite the fact that he spilled his beer all over himself and the table.

Beggar Mimes: The Beggar by the side of the road who mimed holding a sign because he was either senile or really creative. Either way he got a dollar from me.

The QB: A cute girl that was playing darts with her friend at Ben's Half Yard House. During the halftime show she threw the football through the target and won a cheap t-shirt and a cheaper hat.

The Party Animals: A friend from law school and her husband. Incidentally they live right below Biggity and have a kick ass apartment. It's basically a store front converted into an apartment.

The Nanny: Girl who was in a hit and run accident or possibly was lying about the hit and run. Either way she was a cute blonde employed as a Nanny.

Fogerty: My downstairs neighbor who is best described as a friendly hippy who wears jean shorts, wears crappy t-shirts, and gives me John Fogerty albums for absolutely no reason.

Winter: Clinic student who is a good friend from undergrad.

Wham: Girl that I met at Winter's surprise party who dreams of having sex in the rain.

Whiner: In early 2004, I met Whiner who is a very affectionate and clingy girl. I dated her for awhile but couldn't devote the time she wants in a relationship. Instead, we just hook up on occassion.

Peru: The female who works with Biggity part-time. She also does a lot of great photography. Part of this was done on a trip to Peru that she took for photography purposes.