Friday, July 29, 2005

The Bar Exam

This week I took the Texas Bar Exam, which gave me a good deal of things that I can sort of muse on for a few months. However, it also gave me a few stories that I can tell about the exam and all.

1. The Hotel. Because the exam was not in my city (it was in Arlington), I went out to a hotel in Arlington. Even though it was about a mile from Six Flags (and across a major highway from it) I was able to watch all the rides from my room. Specifically, I would sit there and watch the Batman and Mr. Freeze ride for hours at a time. The most interesting thing was that when I went outside, I could actually hear people at Six Flags.

2. At the exam there was a girl who is friends with the girl from the bar review class that I liked. After the first day, I saw her in my hotel walking down the hallway with her friend. She said to her friend, "if that guy who sits to my right stares at me again, he will not finish the bar exam.

3. I didn't actually finish all of the questions for the essay portion of the exam. There was one question in the morning that I only had time to write out a rough outline for. I'm not sure if that will completely hurt my chances, but I know it's not a good thing overall.


I think the second one is false
Good luck!