Monday, July 04, 2005

The Homeless Runins

This week I was confronted with a couple homeless people. There are only two stories at are actually true...

1. Riding on the train, around 10 in the evening on a weeknight, there was an interesting situation. A guy who was walking around to ask for money (he said he had AIDs and needed medication) walked by me without asking for money. I guess, that in some ways, having your mp3 player is a good way of diverting some panhandlers. After he passed me, he started to ask an elderly lady if she had any money to give him. She declined to give any money and was treated with this loud "BOOM" noise. The homeless guy freaked everyone out by doing this thing, but, I think most of all it was her who was freaked out. She quickly got off at the next exit (I don't think it was where she planned on getting off) and was visibly shaken up about the encounter.

2. Walkiing around in the West End area last night my friend, Biggity, and I were encountered with a homeless guy. He first asked us if we had any cigarettes. Neither of us smoke, so we said no. We went over towards the Chipotle to see if it was open, it was not, and walked around further. It wasn't long before we ran into him again a few blocks elsewhere. Right before he approached us, we noticed that he was given money by a young female. Then he came over to us and told us that he needed money (by the way, he had a cigarette now too) for the train because he lost his ticket. We didn't give him any money.

3. I pulled into the gas station to fill up my truck after waiting far to long to do this. It was around midnight and the station wasn't lit very well. Anyhow, it wasn't long before a guy walked over and told me that he just needed sixty cents to get himself a drink inside. I said that I didn't have any change but he begged. I went over to my change consol and gave him 75c. Then he left and I went back to my gas pumping. His friend soon came over and asked if I could give him some money. I told him no because he also told me that he knew my brother from Garland. I was like, bullshit, my brother doesn't live in Garland. In fact, my brother doesn't even live in Texas. He asked where I was from and I said Kansas. Then he asked what they call me up there -- huh? Anyhow, I guess that they call him Genuwine.