Sunday, August 14, 2005

NYC Trip

Ok, here are three stories from my trip to NYC. Like always, two of these will be true and one will be false.

1. While waiting for the Amtrack from DC to NYC my mom decided to get an iced tea. As we were standing in line for the Amtrack she decided that she would fumble around with things in her purse. She decided that she needed to set the drink down so she placed it on her bag. The bag was sitting upright so it was sort of resting on it's wheels. Of course, the iced tea dropped and fell all over the feet of some family that was next to me. Perhaps someone will be happy that it was a few friendly french people.

2. While I was eating dinner at a Mexican food restaurant in the Hell's Kitchen area around 9th Street, I ran into a celebrity spotting. It was the ever funny Mo Rocca who was came in to eat with a friend. He seemed to be very talkative, but I couldn't hear what he was saying very well. I did notice that he said something about Andy Williams and some song by Williams that he really needed to find.

3. I was in the Harlem area one afternoon and saw a theater friend of mine who graduated a couple years ago. He was sitting at a cafe drinking some coffee with a couple of friends. He was happy to see me again and I was thirsty so I sat down with them. As it turns out, he's dating a girl who is in the ensemble of Mamma Mia. This girl happens to be roommates with one of the stars in the current Wicked. So I got to have coffee with a couple Broadway actors and my friend who's in an off-off Broadway production.