Saturday, September 17, 2005

Taking it All On

This week was a pretty crazy week at work (of course, one of these stories is a lie):

1. One of the attorneys went on paternity leave. He left me with a really difficult brief that has to go to a court that has already ruled against a similar case. Our argument is supposed to be that there is a split in the circuits and the other circuits have got it right. This one is going to go over really well. It makes it even more difficult to write because he wasn't there.

2. One day after work I went out with one of my friends to get some dinner. Then we went to a restaurant that serves dollar pints. After a handful of those, I was feeling pretty good about things and ended up staying somewhere else for the night. That left me waking up almost late for work. I don't think many people noticed when I came in about 30 minutes late.

3. Working to fast on a case left me and the attorney in an awkward position. We didn't notice that the client had claimed something that didn't technically happen. We had to do a rush memo on something else that was a lot more involved and has a higher chance of being rejected by the courts. Fortunately, we did notice it before the head attorney went to argue something that didn't actually happen.


I'm going with number 2 as the lie! Gosh, or maybe it's #3, no...clients really can be THAT stupid. Please tell me which one is false so I can sleep tonight. ;-)